EARLY 2020!


Brandon and Granny, age 5

Growing up outside of Nashville, Tennessee, Brandon was introduced to the whiskey process at a young age... not the tasting, just the distilling! Before the age of 5, his parents took him along on tours of both the George Dickel and Jack Daniel’s distilleries. Since then, the smells of fermenting mash and maturing spirits continue to inspire Brandon.

In college Brandon worked at a whiskey bar, and gained an appreciation for varied styles of whiskeys from around the world.   He went on to earn a Master’s Degree in Chemistry and spent 13 years in the pharmaceutical industry as a Protein Crystallographer.  For the past 7 years, Brandon has done extensive research in the art of distillation. Recently he had an opportunity to work in the beverage industry, with Black Hog Brewing Co.  While at Black Hog, Brandon coupled his scientific background with his passion for distilling.  He discovered a way to recoup materials not fully utilized in the brewing process and transform them into unique and exceptional spirits. Brandon is dedicated to his daughter and wife, fishing, protecting waterways in CT, and as much DIY as you can imagine. Come meet Brandon for a tour of Continuum coming soon!


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During our permitting and buildout process we are contract distilling a batch of reclaimed Coffee Milk Stout from Black Hog Brewing Co. in Oxford, CT.  This batch will be double distilled on a 65 gallon Holstein still, then aged for 4-6 months on select wood staves until it has reached its prime balance of flavor and smoothness. This pilot batch will allow us to debut this unique spirit while we continue to secure funding and proceed in building the Continuum Distillery in Waterbury, CT.

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